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EU This project is co-financed by the European Union through
Interreg - IPA Cross-Border Programme "Bulgaria – the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia"
Project “Affirmation of the natural and cultural values in the border region for better visibility and access” Ref. No CB006.1.21.183


24 A, Todorin vrah str., Bansko, Bulgaria
t/f: +359 749 95 0 95, m: + 359 896 860 750

Economic Development Agency Bansko is a non-government organization which objectives through dialogue and implementation of joint activities between local governments, the private sector and NGOs to contribute to economic and social development of the region of Bansko. Our mission is to support local administration, private sector and other interested parties in the formulation and implementation of strategies, policies and programs for economic and social development of the region.

To achieve its goals, EDA Bansko perform activities not only in the municipality of Bansko, but also in the Blagoevgrad region in search of partnership development in the region as a whole.

EDA Bansko has a highly qualified team with expertise in the field of economic development, finance, social and educational activities, as well as experts in the field of project management. Experts of EDA Bansko (broadcast by the members) have a key part in the development of strategic municipal documents, analyzes and studies as: “Operational Program of Municipality of Bansko 2007 – 2013”, “Marketing strategy for the region of Bansko as an European center for winter tourism”, etc.

In 2010, the agency team, in partnership with the municipal administration of Bansko successfully implemented a project „Acquiring skills and achieve public activity for potential local action group in the municipality of Bansko”, finance by Rural Development Programme. The main result has developed a strategy for local development for the period 2011 - 2013, and the establishment of NGO “Local Action Group Bansko".

EDA Bansko as a partner organization was in the process of realization of the project "Lifelong Learning - a factor for competitiveness and employability", funded by INTERREG III European Territorial Cooperation Programme Bulgaria - Greece 2007 – 2013. The project was implemented in Greece and Bulgaria (the territory of Blagoevgrad, Sandanski, Gotse Delchev and Bansko). The project includes a series of training activities for private and public sector in the region, which increased the competence of human resources in the region and hence capacity building for sustainable development.

We initiated and performed two projects under the Lifelong Learning Programme – Leonardo da Vinci. With “Expertise for better management and implementation of programmes for local and regional development, acronym Regio – Expert” we achieved increasing the competence of Bulgarian specialists in the management and implementation of programmes, strategies and policies for local and regional economic development in 10 local leaders. With “Sustainable M-Tourism: Training of tourism professionals to achieve the identity of the territory through training and mobility”, we were able to analyze the innovative method of promoting employment and professionalism in the tourism industry through the development of new or improved skills and lifelong learning. Also propose methods and innovative practices in the service of tourism professionals through mobile training. We created key and useful comparison analisys with leading countries and other strategic documents that are available on our website.

We signed two new project contracts in 2017. First one is in partnership with Municipality of Gevgelija, Macedonia under INTERREG IPA - CBC Programme Bulgaria-FYROM, Priority Axis 2: Tourism. Project is entitled "Affirmation of the natural and cultural values in the border region for better visibility and access", Ref. No. CB006.1.21.183. The other project is in partnership with two Greek organizations and two Bulgarian NGOs under the Programme “INTERREG V-A Greece - Bulgaria 2014-2020”. Its name is "Best water Use - BestU".

In conclusion, EDA Bansko has participation in the programs and projects of the European Community, developed and / or implemented in partnership with the Municipality of Bansko in the following areas: OPRD, OPHRD, Territorial Cooperation Bulgaria - Greece 2007 - 2013, IPA Cross Border Bulgaria - Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, RDP - Measure 321 and 322, Phare Cross Border Bulgaria - Greece 2006, PHARE Neighborhood Programme Republic of Bulgaria - Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 2006, Phare 2006 – MLSP, Phare - Ministry of Finance, INTERREG III, Lifelong Learning Programme – Leonardo da Vinci.

Attachment: List of projects developed and implemented in partnership with the Economic Development Agency of Bansko 2007 – 2017.

ISO 9001:2015
Општина Гевгелија/Municipality of Gevgelija
Dimitar Vlahov 4, 1480 Gevgelija- Republika Makedonija
Tel/faks ++389 34 211 211

Municipality of Gevgelija is a unit of the local self-government in which the citizens realize the right of local self-government directly and through representatives in the municipal bodies and always strive for quality performance of activities of public interest of local importance for all citizens living in the municipality, especially in its municipality jurisdiction such as: urban planning and environmental protection, tourism development, local economic development, communal activities, culture, education, child and social protection, fire protection. Great responsibilities and activities of the Municipality of Gevgelija refer to adoption of urban plans and their implementation, creation of conditions for a better business environment, encouraging the development of tourism, urban planning and installation of urban equipment, infrastructure development of the municipality, construction of new water supply and sewage systems, protection of the environment, as well as protection of cultural heritage, support of cultural and sporting events and activities.

The municipality is a legal entity. With the new decentralization law, which entered into force on July 1, 2005, the municipality of Gevgelija became an independent unit of the local self-government, which part of the competencies at the state level were transferred to the local level: decentralization of power, fiscal decentralization, territorial organization

The mission of the municipality of Gevgelija is - Improving the quality of life through:

  • Creation of conditions for socio-economic development
  • Effective institutions
  • Public - private partnerships
  • Developed business sector
  • Effective management of natural resources and infrastructure
  • Preservation of traditional values

The vision of the municipality of Gevgelija is:

  • Creation of working conditions and quality living

Strategic goals of the municipality of Gevgelija are:

  • Satisfied users / citizens
  • Prosperous and rich local community

The municipality of Gevgelija has realized a number of successful projects, most of which are in the area of infrastructure, but also in the area of economic and local development, tourism development, social cohesion and social protection, education and culture development, as well as energy efficiency .

In 2010, the Municipality of Gevgelija received the ISO 9001 - 2008 quality management certificate for the services of the local administration.

In 2017, as a result of good quality management of the services, the Municipality of Gevgelija acquired the ISO 9001 - 2015 certificate.

Most of the projects were implemented within the framework of Interreg IPA 2014-2020 and the IPA Cross-border Cooperation Program Greece-Macedonia 2007-2013 and Interreg IPA 2014-2020 and the IPA Cross-Border Program Bulgaria-Macedonia 2007-2013. The municipality also implemented several projects within the operational program INTERREG III A / CARDS mainly with Greek partners. The Municipality of Gevgelija was a leading partner in the preparation and implementation of the projects implemented through the CARDS initiative, as well as projects from IPA Component I (Transitional and Institutional Building), as well as projects from the IPARD Program.

In the last 8 years within the framework of the IPA Cross-border Program Bulgaria-Macedonia 2007-2013, the municipality has implemented the following projects:

European Knowledge and Qualification Network in the Cross-Border Region Bulgaria – FYRoM” (EKQ NET IN CBR BG-MK)

Sustainable Tourism and Ecology Promotion Under Partnership (STEP-UP)

Common Culture, Traditions and History – a bridge to our European future (CCTH)

Within the Interreg 2014-2020 IPA CBC Programme Bulgaria-Macedonia, the realization of the following project is in progress “Affirmation of the natural and cultural values in the border region for better visibility and access”

In the last 8 years within the framework of the IPA Cross-border Program Greece-Macedonia 2007-2013, the municipality has implemented the following projects:

Cooperation for the Establishment of a “Business and Employment Centre” and a “Trade Show and Bazaar” in the Cross-border Area (BET-TSB)”

Developing River Basins Sustainable Management Mechanisms (mainly by infrastructures' restoration) as Precautionary Measure Against Intensive Torrential Phenomena”

Joint actions for efficient urban water management in the cross-border area” (AQUA-M)

Within the Interreg 2014-2020 IPA CBC Programme Greece - Macedonia, the realization of the following project is in progress:

Sustainable management of cross-border water resources” (AQUA-M II)

Within the IPARD program, the following projects have been realized through the Agency for Financial Support of Agriculture and Rural Development:

  • Construction of the road Negorci - Sermenin
  • Construction of the Mirko Delev street in the village Negorci
  • Construction of the road to the village Huma
  • Preparation of urban plans for settlements Negorci and Miravci

The Municipality of Gevgelija has been successful cooperation with UNDP and with their financial support several projects have been realized:

In the period 2003-2007, within the framework of the project "Local Governance for Sustainable Human Development" realized through UNDP, with financial support from the Government of Finland, a UNDP office was opened in Gevgelija. Upon completion of the project, the office was transformed into a Foundation for Local Development and IT.

In the period 2009-2011, the project of UNDP was implemented the project for inter-municipal cooperation with three sub-projects:

  • Inter-municipal cooperation of the municipality of Gevgelija with the Municipality of Valandovo in the area of ​​local economic development, where a Regional Tourist Guide was developed
  • Inter-municipal cooperation of the municipality of Gevgelija with the Municipality of Bogdanci in the area of ​​energy efficiency, within which an eco-platform was set up on the website and conducted the campaign "Saving energy"
  • Inter-municipal cooperation of the municipality of Gevgelija with the municipality of Dojran in the area of ​​social protection, within which a special point of the Inter-municipal Social Protection Center in Dojran was opened

In 2013, with the support of the UNDP, the Municipality of Gevgelija developed and adopted the Program for Energy Efficiency, according to which EE Action Plans are being prepared each year, which is a legal obligation.

In the period 2015-2016, after a swing of the refugee crisis, donations for the municipality of Gevgelija were provided by the UNDP, within the framework of the program "Support to local self-governments affected by the refugee crisis (the municipalities of Gevgelija and Kumanovo)"

In 2016-2017, UNDP provided a donation from the Japanese Government for assistance to the municipalities in the Republic of Macedonia affected by the refugee crisis, from which € 1 million was allocated to the Municipality of Gevgelija for the construction of a Temporary Landfill of non-hazardous waste in the municipality of Gevgelija.

Within the framework of Programme EUROPE FOR CITIZENS - TOWN TWINNING, the Municipality of Gevgelija implemented the project Creation of European Unity with the twinning municipality of Pazin, in the Republic of Croatia.

The project for protection of cultural heritage in the framework of EUROPE FOR CITIZENS is in progress with the twinning municipality of Sevlievo, Bulgaria.